Figuring it all out

I’m new to all this so I’m still figuring it all out. Today my shins flared up again after two days of no pain. I immediately realized that three days in a row is probably too much for my body at this point. I had two really great walks and pushed myself to try and go a little faster and a little longer. Next time around I’ll be sure to rest the third day and only walk two in a row for awhile until I get some of this weight off and my body can handle all the activity better.

photo 1With this new realization, I might not be able to fit five days in every week and will just have to complete only four. I’ll have to adjust the two week calendar I put together to keep me on track and accountable for my walks.

There are a few other factors that could’ve contributed to the pain. I didn’t have compression socks on today as they were in the dirty clothes pile. I’ve since bought a few more pairs. I also walked only on the sidewalk. I’ve been told that pavement is better than the hard concrete of a sidewalk and today my path was only on the sidewalk. I’ll have to figure out some more routes that allow me to walk in the street.

To alleviate the pain I’ve been stretching a lot and applying ice after my walks. Hopefully with one day’s rest I can get back out there on Wednesday.

Β photo 2



Getting better every day

It seems with each walk I’m getting faster and it is getting easier. I’m glad with my two week break I didn’t fall too far behind. I’m slowly getting faster and able to walk further. I’ve been wearing some compression socks to hopefully keep the shin splints away. It felt a little irritated today but nothing like I experienced before. I came home and iced my shins to keep them in good shape.

It’s a little daunting to think that this time next year I’ll have completed a half marathon. At this point in time I can’t imagine completing it. To help turn this year-long journey into something easier to accomplish, I set up my first few mini goals. I signed myself up for two Walk MS events, one in Ormond Beach (March 1st) and one in St. Augustine (April 5th).

The one in Ormond is only a few weeks away and I was internally freaking out that I wouldn’t be prepared in time to tackle a 5K yet. I’ve only walked just over a mile and a half at a time and was really worried that a few weeks wasn’t enough time to double my mileage. In looking at the event details again today, I found out the walk is only a mile and a half and not a 5K. I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief.

On March 1st, I will be walking for my mom who has suffered with MS for almost 20 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I can easily accomplish this walk and raise some money for MS along the way. With that said any donation no matter how small makes a huge difference. Here’s my donation page. My family is affected by this disease every day and we thank you for your contribution in advance.


My motivation is hiding

I’ve gotta admit that I haven’t walked in two weeks. Once the shin splints flared up again, I got pretty discouraged and took some days off to rest them. Those days quickly turned into weeks as the excuses about weather, time, and a trip mounted. In that time I also forgot that I was supposed to be training. How easily my motivation fleeted.

So if you see my motivation hiding around, could you please send it back my way. I feel like at this point I’m starting over from square one. No need to continue to beat myself up for the lapse in training. I’ve got to look forward and remind myself why I set this goal in the first place. I’m sure this isn’t the first obstacle I’m going to encounter along the way.

Today I’m thankful that a friend has reached out to get me motivated and back on the walking trail with her in the morning. It really helps to have an appointment to keep me committed. I’m also thankful for the other friends who want to see me succeed and have checked in on my progress during this down time and have given me encouragement to get back on track. I certainly can’t do this alone. So thank you to all my cheerleaders. Keep shaking those pom poms at me.

This is the perfect reminder for me today.


Lazy won today

I’ve gotta be honest. Lazy won today. I could list out all the excuses I gave myself to get out of walking but in the end I just wanted to be lazy. I was hoping to avoid doing that, but no one is perfect and certainly not me when I’m only two weeks into this journey. There will be ups and downs. The important thing is that I’m honest with myself and find ways to improve.

I know for next time to not let the day slip away. If I feel like lazy is going to win in the afternoon, then I better get my butt out there earlier to try and prevent it from happening again. I also have to make sure I pick right back up again the next day and not let being lazy become my trend.

Tomorrow I will take a walk at lunch to be sure it fits into my schedule.


Thankful to be pain free

8891f7b3ddcd4713edf616419626de63I’m not sure if my shin splints are cured or if they’ll make a return here soon, but my walk today was pain free. I think the combination of rest, stretching, hydration and new shoes certainly helped. I took Wednesday off from walking and purchased new shoes.

Thursday I was eager to try them out and went for a walk during my lunch break. I hadn’t even been gone five minutes when the dreaded pain crept up in my shins. I tried stretching along my route and walking slower but nothing was easing the pain. I was pretty disheartened. While I talk a lot about how I don’t want to walk, I didn’t want an injury to be the reason why I couldn’t accomplish my goal of walking five times a week.

Also during the walk I slowed down to a turtle’s pace and tried paying attention to my steps to see if that is what was causing the issue. The pain was only in my left leg that day and it seemed that might be the dominant walking leg that I use to push off with. It also felt like I was slamming my foot on the ground when starting my step. I wasn’t sure how to fix this but it seemed to bring temporary relief when I forced myself to step differently.

I made myself take Friday off and give my shins some rest. Today I was curious to see what was going to happen when I ventured out. I promised myself that if the pain started I’d return home instead of pushing myself and making it worse. I was thankful to realize that the pain wasn’t returning. I walked a little bit slower and I think the extra stretching helped. It was a beautiful day out and I really enjoyed it out there.

I know that I need to take it slow and not overdue it so the shin splints don’t return. I’m not sure if I’ll walk tomorrow or not. I’m leaning towards yes but we’ll see. Maybe Lily and I will venture to the park again.


New Shoes Ready To Cruise

Thanks for all the advice given on the shin pain. It looks like stretching, new shoes, and hydration are all things that will hopefully help keep the pain away. I took today off from walking to give my shins some recovery time. They don’t hurt now and I’m hoping they don’t when I take my new shoes for a spin tomorrow.

I went to a running store in town called Spikes. I’d never been fitted for shoes and really enjoyed the experience. She measured my feet for length and width and then watched how my ankles reacted when I walked. With that knowledge she brought back plenty of shoes for me to try on and I feel like we found a great pair. The real test will be tomorrow.

When speaking the the knowledgeable runner/shoe fitter, I realized the shoes I was using had really thin soles compared to what I was trying on. She said those types of shoes aren’t even made for exercise, so I knew buying new shoes was a good decision.

Comfortable and a little stylish. Thanks Spikes for the great experience and advice.



Ouch my shins!

7dd5922ab1be4b51f69867f3caa20fedMy walk today was planned for once I got home from work. I tried to get up this morning and complete it before work but I haven’t mustered up the courage to go out in the dark but I’ll get there soon. I’ll also be happy when daylight savings rolls around and it’ll be lighter outside.

While at work today it was raining and I thought wouldn’t that be GREAT if the rain canceled my walk. Sure would be an easy excuse which I love. I know deep down that it’s good for me to continue but my mind sure doesn’t let me get there easily.

Turns out the weather wanted me to walk and when I left the office it was beautiful outside. It was meant to be. I headed out without the dog today because I wanted to try and get a little faster and see what the difference would be without some of her potty stops. I forgot to stretch (this happens every walk) and quickly my shins started hurting.

I stopped and stretched a little and continued on just for the pain to come back. A few more stretch breaks and it still hurt. Finally the pain got really bad in my shins and I was slowed to a crawl. I knew I had to head home slowly. I

So it wasn’t the weather that slowed me down today but my shins and I’m not sure if it was the not stretching that caused it or not. Any help/insight would be appreciated.

I also must thank everyone who has liked a post, made a comment, offered up encouragement and advice, or cheered me along. I couldn’t do it without you providing support and motivation. I’m so glad I don’t have to go through this alone.